Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

a letter from us !

Dear creative friends...

Mail art is another excite way to explore your artistic imagination to contribute in a piece of compact size where it will be travel in certain journey that could be longer than our life. Thru the way to come to the end of the journey, the art will encounter experiences which was like our own life journey thru bad and good moments. The broken part of the envelope, the rain water drops was part of it that will strengthen the value of its meaning. Like our wheel of life, there will be ups after the down.an exciting moment to reveal the true emotion and painted in words.everyone have unlimited imagination, everyone have a creative side, and I think why not we use it too to spread more love for our dear earth. That's why the theme was from the world with love.

hope there will be bonds between mankind and nature. Rise awareness how important we should preserve this earth as natural as possible, for the sake of our future generation as our last responsibility as a human. I would like to say thank you so much and deep appreciation for those who have spare their time to share their love in piece wonderful mail art for us. And the good news, the dateline is longer now for more love. Deep appreciation to the mail art we have received and that we haven’t post it in this web, we will soon organized it. Send more love for the world !!!!

every sunrise we start a new, Happy New Excite and creative Year !!

Best Regards :

Evie, Toni & Deden

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Softpencil mengatakan...

Great words! I agree with you about the meaning of Mail Art.