Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

Opening Exhibition in Simplicity

Photograph special make by : Adi Rahmatullah & Armaenanto


Celebrating the opening exhibition in simplicity. The Mother Nature was blessing us with the dazzling moon shadow, omitting the rain drops and letting the midnight owls singing with us in happiness and purity. Such a great opportunity to create a friendship from the world with love and join with us. In every sunrise, we start a new. Hope we can still keep this momentum dearly deep in our heart and to share it to the world with love. All will not possible without the love of all our great artist that have participate with us and share their love. A deep appreciation to all of you, we are a big family now !

Lets love our nature more !!!!!

Love : evie, Toni & Deden Sambas, SRK

2 komentar:

Tomo mengatakan...

Hi This is Tomoe. One of the participatnt.
I just checked on the site, and the show look good that I was anticipated. I wish I were there! Great!

Sujalma mengatakan...

Dahsyat, sebuah upaya yang sangat spektakuler, sangat beradab dan sudah terjadi ! Terima kasih atas update-an yang sangat bermutu ini